The future of wind power turbines



Innowind focus on the cost savings a wind farm developer will have by reduction of installation. Increase the units on one installation the cost of foundations will be reduced with 2/3rd the same for installation cost for the units and also the cabling and integration cost.

Based on experience from the North Sea and cost estimates for installation and complete cost overview given on some of the existing installations and wind farms in progress to be installed the total savings for a wind farm owner will be in the range of 30% by using Innowind design on their wind turbine.

The above cost savings will be equal used either for floating foundation or a fixed installation manufactured by concrete , a steel piled installation or a jacket construction.

Fixed seabed concreete installation

Floating alternative

Innowind has developed technology to dramatically reduce the size of the wind turbine, and increase the efficiency. we do this by multiple surfaces to extract energy. Our solutions are beneficial for all aspects of wind turbine installation to power production and maintenance.


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