The Innowind AS company


Innowind is located in the European energy city Stavanger

On the windy western part of Norway lays Stavanger. The City is hosting various technology companies and research institutions focusing on the energy sector. Innowind AS is in close collaboration with worldwide institutions to perform deeper scientific analyzes and research related to our innovation wind turbine solution. With a foothold in this energy city that for decades has build up competence related to offshore activities Innowind gain on local experience. For Innowind the location and resources around Stavanger is ideal to bring our unique innovations to life, and qualify our technology to make sure we do all necessary in constantly improve ourselves and our technology.
Innowind AS is owned by Innowind DA (100%)

 Our concept is to deliver turbines who occupies less space and have a higher efficiency for every square meter it occupies.

Our Vision is to increase the use of wind power to reduce disposal of CO2 and NOx

Our Goal is to deliver the preferred design for offshore and onshore wind turbines

Our Values

  • Innovation: We look at the concepts from the innovative, industrial and commercial aspects to create new opportunities

  • Solutions: We combine different designs of proven physics to provide solutions from day one

  • Integrity: We provide business in an ethical way with the target of no harm to people and the environment

Our focus will be on innovating commercial wind turbine solutions for use onshore and offshore to increase the use of wind power world wide.

And we take our responsible very serious, we always have in mind that...

 ...It is -YOUR FUTURE